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Join us at our
November Social Dance
Sunday, November 20, 3-7 PM
at Maironis Park, Shrewsbury.
Refreshments, cash bar, mixers, dance hosts and more.
Music and Hustle Lesson by Colleen Thyous

DOCMA Winter Ball Flyer and Registration now Available

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Call Jo Ann Hyland 508-987-8086 or email:
or call Priscilla Messinger 508-829-4797 priscillm@yahoo.com


To become a member as a Social Dancer ($25) Student ($20) PRINT and MAIL DOCMA Application Join at a social dance. Get in FREE, one-time admission. Already have a member number? Renew or Join online at http://membership.usadance.org

To entertain at Nursing Homes... Contact
Jo Ann Hyland
or Nancy Frieswick